Nestled away in Euclid, OH, you will find this gem of a kitchen. Cheery and bright, right?! This kitchen turned out beautifully. It’s exuberant, full of life, spacious and very functional! 


BEFORE                                                                            AFTER

  • Prior to the remodel, this homeowner had red painted on the end wall and in the hallway, insufficient lighting, and a table placed against the end wall that served as a counter top and storage space. Just by looking at the picture, it’s obvious the kitchen lacked storage space, counter space, lighting, drawers and cabinets. Simply put, it lacked functionality and presence.



  • Prior to the remodel, the end wall and hallway were both red and the left side wall had no storage in sight.
  • After the remodel, the hallway was Spring Moss in color and the red wall became Candy Apple green. A Canyon Passage colored counter top accented the Avalon Medallion Silver-line Maple polished Ginger Snap cabinets. Together, this created a stunning color scheme! The colors simply danced off of one another in a mesmerizing trance. The homeowner now has closed storage to house appliances and products in to keep them out of the open air/dust. The additional drawers and cabinets are a huge improvement and make a world of difference. Furthermore, large cabinets were installed along the left side wall for additional storage. One Man and a Hammer wanted to take full advantage and utilize any and all space available. It also added life to the otherwise boring wall! The lower cabinets now feature roll-out drawers making access to items and storage much easier. These drawers run deep into the wall giving the client even more storage space. It is all about the little details!



  • Here is a better look at the table placed against the wall before the remodel. As you can see, the shelving was open and very limited in space. The appliances were constantly exposed to open air and dust all the time, which dirtied them. There was no organization whatsoever so the kitchen was just scattered and disastrous.
  • The remodel allowed for a new, clean counter top, free of appliances! All appliances were now out of sight and safely stored inside the cabinetry. In addition, new lights were hung from the ceiling and a stainless steel refrigerator was placed which made a bold statement.



  • There is a slight difference between the before and after–wouldn’t you agree? There was originally an open gap between the left side of the oven and the wall. There wasn’t enough space to turn the gap into anything useful, but it was large enough to be clearly noticed. The homeowner finally decided to store random items there instead. Two side walls and an overhead beam framed this oven/counter section in, partially separating it from the rest of the kitchen.
  • After the remodel, the functionality of this area improved tremendously! The overhead beam and right wall was knocked out which opened the area up to the rest of the kitchen. The open gap between the wall and stove was filled in by expanding the cabinetry and counter top to make it larger. This also created more storage space and work space for when cooking. A stainless steel oven/range combo piece was installed and a beautiful stainless steel hood was placed overhead to give the space proper ventilation. It also provided essential task lighting. Furthermore, the top half of the wall behind the stove was knocked out creating an open window into the dining room. Communication between the cook and guests can now be had, making for a friendly, comfortable and entertainment-worthy environment.



  • As you can see, the original ceiling was flat and rounded along the edges, with a ceiling fan and very poor lighting. The cabinetry, sink and lighting were out-dated and the floor needed an upgrade.
  • After the remodel, you could hardly tell it’s the same kitchen! The new brick pattern Bluff Beige Montego floor resonates nicely against the deep, rich, dark cabinetry. The counter tops were upgraded and a stainless steel refrigerator was installed. It is much larger and more spacious, which is perfect, since the client can now cook more! The left storage shelves on the end wall above the counter were painted white and the right upper storage cabinet was turned into open shelving for spices. Lastly, the ceiling was constructed into a triangular shape and a larger, more exuberant light was installed.



  • There is so much beauty in such a small space! The new Canyon Passage Wilsonart counter-top featuring a Euro edge finish was upgraded, along with a new stainless steel Bella sink, classic stainless steel Moen faucet and a garbage disposal. An extra storage cabinet was placed to the left of the dish-washing machine. Originally, there was a visible open gap where the owner placed a plastic cubby in to use for storage. The additional cabinet also allowed for more counter space because it went across the top!


  • Overall, this kitchen renovation turned out amazing and bright! It was a little space, but a huge transformation. Our team always strives for happy clients and this one was a success!





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