Are you ready for an epic bathroom transformation to take place before your eyes?! This beauty is found in Madison, OH and is nothing short of stunning.


  • Let’s begin! The main room of the bathroom now houses the vanity and shower areas. The room is spacious, open, extremely functional and allows for multiple people to be present at the same time. There is another room off of this main room that leads into a big walk-in closet with a ton of storage space and hanging room for clothes. Inside the closet is then another doorway that leads into another little room. That room is where the laundry and toilet are located. The complete bathroom layout was designed wisely used the space to its max potential.
  • Prior to the remodel, these homeowners had a very dis-functional bathroom! It was in a drastic need of a renovation to say the least! The walls in the shower area were molding along the top. There wasn’t enough closet space or storage for their clothes so they threw all of the clothes in the unused bathtub instead. The vanity had no counter room and lacked proper lighting. The bathtub was a horrible pink color and was never used because of the clothes that overtook it. That is just a few of the issues. Let’s look at them all.




  • We will start with the new walk-in shower! AMAZING, right? It’s simply breathtaking. The unique shape of the base and partial circular door really adds to the aesthetic appeal. The shower seat and wall cap are Caeserstone organic white and radiates off of the bayside pewter shower wall exceptionally well. The bliss island horizontal stripe breaks up the wall nicely and the bayside pearl flooring ties it all together. A soothing rain shower head was installed in the ceiling. In addtion, a hands-free shower head was installed in the wall for everyday shower use.
  • The original shower was dingy, rusty and very worn. It was also located in the same room as the toilet. Now, the laundry is with the toilet and the shower is with the vanity in the main room.


  • Modern, simple and sophisticated. The new organic white Caesarstone vanity counter top is eye-catching against the two black glass vessel sinks jand now has more open space. There is a mirror above each sink and the proper amount of lighting so individuals can actually see themselves! The stacker to the left of the vanity is the perfect addition for storage space, as well as easy access to towels. It hardly takes up any space.
  • The original vanity was a mess. It lacked counter space, the mirror wasn’t wide enough and the lighting was insanely low.



  • Now this is a closet, right?! The homeowner’s received their dream space. They now have two rows of hanging rods to hang their outrageous amount of clothes on. There is now a shelf above the hanging rods for added storage, also. A custom cabinetry piece was built with both open shelving and drawers for multi-purpose storage. It fit nicely against the back wall. A wood floor was also installed in this section as it was very fitting.
  • Prior to the remodel the closet pretty much non-existent. There was a closet but it “wasn’t” a closet. There wasn’t enough hanging rods to hang all the clothes on or enough drawers to fold them up to be placed in. Therefore, the clothes were sporadically thrown everything and made it random piles. The term “disaster” is putting it mildly.



  • Now for the final room of the bathroom renovation–the toilet and laundry area! This room is entered into from the closet. Since the space is small, a stacked washer and dryer was chosen. They tuck perfectly back the wall, which keeps them out of the walkway. There is plenty of room in front of the machines for the laundry to be easily loaded/unloaded. The folding and putting away is also simple because the closet is located right next door–only a few steps away!
  • Prior to the remodel, this room contained the shower and toilet. It was entered into through the main room of the bathroom. During the renovation, the entryway was closed off by a built-in wall and the only way to enter into this area is by going through the main room and then the closet.



  • Before the renovation, there was a bi-fold closet with angled shelving located behind the bedroom entrance door. This is where all of the bathroom necessities were stored. During the renovation, the closet was taken out and the angled wall was retained. Now people can safely enter the bathroom without worrying about hitting someone or jarring the door into a possibly open closet door.




  • Here are some extra photos of the bathroom for you to view for enjoyment!